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Nam Sing Biotechnology Corp., a leading skin care products raw material supplier in Taiwan for numerous years. Indeed, we are consistently devoting ourselves in collaboration with customers on a series of whole process such as brand creation, formula research, packing design, promotional kit, etc…
In order to be unique and diversify among other competitors, we are definitely eager to meet customers’ needs, which is mutually beneficial for customers as well.


Nam Sing Biotechnology Corp., a skin care product manufacture and also cope with cusomers’ original image design. We are dedicating ourselve for the favor of our client’s requirements based on clients’ drawing and original designs. In persuing on market the delicate products, the image and whole process of designing & packing are essencial. For more than 20 years in dealing with our associates, we are fully aware of the design represents the brand perfectly.


Nam Sing Biotechnology Corp., as a professional manufacture of Skin Products, we integrate high end and mainstream technique in order to provide the customers with comprehensive services.
Our products line cover: Cleanser, Lotion, Essence, Cream, Body Care products and health supplement as well. Therefore, we monitor each process to ensure the best resolution for custom-made requirement.
Our skin products are mostly confirmed by customers from America, European and Asian clients. Indeed, we sincerely expect to work with you in near future.

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